Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bay Area Cities must Cut Trash in Drains

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Oh happy days... all of the attention of the trash making its way down our waterways and into the oceans is gaining momentum. Read all about it!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Trash into Art -- beautifully, magically

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Check this out for AMAZING art made out of recycled stuff.


TRAsh is ART spelled backwards

How to Transform Trash into Beautiful Art

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As a recycler and an artist who uses fiber, I collect my "throw-aways" including the netted bags that lemons and avocados come in, the plastic bags that my newspaper comes in and the newspaper itself. Then, I am faced with the challenge of transforming my "trash" into something beautiful that I can look at. However, I don't just want to look at the new thing I've created, I want it to mean something. While researching this question, I came across other artists who are thinking in these terms. Check out these artists and see what fast food paperbags are turned into.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Divine Spirit" by Geneviève

My exploration of knitting and crocheting audiotape has been extended to investigating videotape. Three weeks ago, I picked up my size 9 knitting needles and started working on the mermaid costume for my opera, "A SeaScape Odyssey: 2012". When the videotape is knitted, using an "Irish Moss" stitch, it looks hard and brittle and reminds me of "volcanic glass". The mermaid character has been transformed into Pele, who will soon occupy the operatic stage, with long flaming red "hair".