Monday, June 29, 2009

Wordl Creation

Wordle: Hyperbole


Hi Folks,

Just read in the Chronicle about the newest website called "Wordl". check out and see what you can CREATE.

Have fun!


Margaret Wertheim on the beautiful math of coral | Video on

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Check out Margaret Wertheim's work with crocheting a coral reef.

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Margaret Wertheim on the beautiful math of coral | Video on*

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Whale Music by Pierre Lavagne

Things with my ocean conservation project are developing very fast. Two weeks ago, I woke up Saturday morning dreaming about my new artpiece called "Whale Song". I went to check out my new art studio in Sausalito and then I "happened" to walk into West Marine Supply, situated in the same building to buy a blue ring for my art project. Over a pair of sunglasses, I met a woman named Helen who subsequently asked me what I was going to do with my blue ring. When I told her about my piece called "Whale Song", she told me about Pierre Lavagne's work with whales. Using "shelltones", he apparently creates music and then plays it back to the whales! Only in Marin. Well, unfortunately, I was enjoying a bit of unearthly music myself at the SF Opera, so I missed his presentation at the Farallonne Islands on June 21, during the summer solstice, but it's never too late. Come and join us in Fairfax at the Circle Center, or in Larkspur at Earthly Treasures, where you can be part of the show, creating your own sounds with an instrument of your choice. I plan to sing and play my native American flute, for a concert out of this world. Now, easier than ever, check out Pierre's blog, directly from my blogsite.


Film: Addicted to Plastic

As part of my research on oceans and ocean conservation, I attended a talk last Thursday night in the Mill Valley City Hall where the film, "Addicted to Plastic" created by was shown. I left the talk more determined than ever to do something to help stop the gyro-normous problem of how plastics are destroying the oceans and the creatures in the oceans. Basically, the plastic, which is non-biodegradable, but broken down to bits small enough to be mistakened as "food" is killing all kinds of marine life, as well as the birds. The film is chockful of scientific evidence of how chemicals that make up a huge variety of plastics ends up in the fish, and the fish that eat the fish, and the fish that eat the fish that eat the fish and eventually the humans that eat the fish! These chemicals, like Bis-phenyl A, which are found in plastic bottles cause real problems with cell regulation in our bodies. If you haven't seen the film yet, please look for it. Tonight, my sister in Missouri called. She is aware of the "movement about plastic", and will be receiving this film from me shortly, where she will be showing it at her library in Manchester! We can make a difference!!!


ART TALK: Marketing Your Art

Highlights of ART TALK: "Marketing Your Art", hosted by Bruce Burtch, Board Member at Art Works Downtown in San Rafael.

Alleta de Wal,, gave a slide presentation, featuring what she summarizes as "At the heart of your marketing is a series of conversations designed to build a bridge between you, your art and your audience." To be successful, Aletta said that you have to 1) create a solid body of work and be prolific, with at least 100 artworks/year; 2) polish your public persona by learning how to present yourself and your art; 3) manage a mailing list, in which you know something about the person, how you met, where you met, etc...; 4) photograph and document your art; 5) generate publicity for multiple events, by planning a year's events at once. She loves it when she gets a postcard listing 5 shows/year because it gives her time to plan ahead. Last minute shows are no good. Respect other people's time. Art does not sell through galleries or websites. "Art is purchased through relationships". Talk to everyone you meet, 6) Leverage the relationship with people you meet with a business card (including all of your information: phone number, blog site, website, postal address), and/or a post card and ask for one from them. Put it on your refrigerator where other people will see it; 7) Network with each other. Use your art, in person and all media including the internet social networks such as FACEBOOK, Linked In, Twitter and BLOGS; 8) Discover your audience by talking to everyone you know. Have a 7 to 10 word art statement ready. Play off of people's natural curiosity. Say something creative about your art, not "I'm an artist". 9) Use her SMART method.

S - be specific about what you want.
M - make sure your goals are measurable, so you can determine your success.
A - have attainable goals and don't try to do too much. Use your resources. Ask for help.
R - be realistic about your goals
T - have timed deadlines and stick to them.

Julia Flynn Siler shared her personal story as a reporter and now successful author of "The House of Mondavi". She emphasized hard work, staying connected with people in her field, building a platform including a good website, and the willingness to hire other people to help her reach her goals. She recommends spending one hour a day working on finding new tools to market yourself and how to build your network.

Peter Rowan shared his story of how he became a Grammy Award-winning musician, with his newest release Reggaebilly. He emphasized the down-home qualities he embodies such as love what you do, do it alot, and stay connected to the changing technologies. He said that it is best to have a website with one good page and links and a web discussion group.

The importance of social networking was elaborated by the panelists who listed TWITTER, FACEBOOK, Linked In, which is geared toward businesses and subgroups. For more information, go to by Ted Prodromo. Blogs can be a tool for creating a platform because they are simple and easy to manage. To build a community, stay up to date with your blog, posting 3-4 times per week, and keep your posting short, maximum 350 - 500 words. Run Spellcheck. Link to other blogs and websites. Use Wordpress to retain your copyrights of images. Use watermarks and low-resolution to prevent people from taking your images. For more information, checkout


Sonic Spill

"Sonic Spill", as mentioned in my BLOG profile, is finished! I created this piece by crocheting audiocassette tapes, which were donated by a very special friend. Thank you Sunshine!!!


Stellar Performance at San Francisco Opera

Canadian Soprano, Adrianne Pieczonka, made her debut in the title role, in Giacomo Puccini's Tosca Wearing a beautiful velvet crimson robe, the diva was magnificently paired with her lover, Tenor, Carlo Ventre, as Cavaradossi on a magnificent Romanesque stage set. If you love opera, this is one not to be missed!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Great Performance at Tiburon Music Festival

The Tiburon Music Festival performance was really wonderful tonight. The soprano, Marty Friesen, singing "Pie Jesu" was worth the ticket price. Then, the rest of the soloists, instrumentalists and singers rounded out the experience in a chapel with out-of-this-world acoustics. Next week-end, we'll do it again, so if you can make it on Sunday, go to


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tiburon Music Festival

Hi Folks,

I'll be singing in the choir at St. Hillary Church this Sunday, June 21, and next Sunday, June 28. This church is wonderful, with great acoustics and lots of amazing art of stained glass, wire art and a view to die for. Hope you can come.

Tiburon Music Festival, June 20 - 28.
Eight performances of chamber opera and chamber music in the lush acoustic (and equally beautiful setting) of St. Hilary Church, 761 Hilary Drive, Tiburon.
(From Highway 101 take Mill Valley/Tiburon exit toward Tiburon Boulevard.
Turn left at Rock Hill Drive and right at Hilary Drive)

Last year's festival was very well received and I hope you will find my offerings this year equally satisfying. Although all five programs feature important programming, performed by some of the finest musicians in the Bay Area, of particular note is the production of Leonard Bernstein's Trouble in Tahiti, the Tiburon Chamber Players (SF Symphony members with southern Marin roots) on the 23rd, my chamber concert of rarely heard masterpieces of the Viennese literature on the 25th, and of course, my usual over the top concert of FOUR piano concertos in chamber settings on June 24th.
Remember, with tickets topping out at $20, there's no reason not to attend several performances. And if you needed even more incentive, every concert is followed by light refreshments and the return of Tiburon Music Festival label wine!
Visit the website for ticket information -
If you Google the festival, do not fret that last year's dates come up. Just a temporary glitch in the system.
I strongly recommend buying tickets in advance for the opera productions on June 20, 27, 28 as our intimate theater only seats 100 guests. (The chamber concerts are presented in the sanctuary with seating for over 400.....and one of the best acoustical settings in the Bay Area.)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Call for Entries

Check out to learn about two new art shows calling for entries. These look like a lot of fun!


Re: Events JUNE 19-24

Hi Folks,
Here's an opportunity to see how they worship in an Anthroposophical Society.  I've been going to the Christian Community church for about 2 years and it has been wonderful to experience The Act of Consecration of Man.
I hope you can join us one of these Sundays.
Services will be held at the San Francisco Christian Community, 906 Divisadero St. at McAllister, on the following dates:
FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 8 am - The Act of Consecration of Man
SUNDAY, JUNE 21 (We will be visited by Rev. Nora Minassian)
10 a.m. - The Sunday Service for Children
10:30 a.m. - The Act of Consecration of Man
potluck lunch
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, St. John's Day
9:30 a.m. - The Act of Consecration of Man
5 pm  on - at KIRBY COVE in MARIN HEADLANDS - Fire and potluck dinner starting at 5 p.m., story at 7 pm, singing and conversation. Children very welcome. Feel free to bring hot dogs, marshmellows, water, whatever for an evening around the fire. We have use of the campsite all day, and will have shuttle service from the top road (Conzelman Dr.) available after 6 p.m. DIRECTIONS WILL BE SENT BY EMAIL, OR CALL REV. STEINRUECK AT 773-368-8558.

Live from Vietnam

Hi Folks,

Just received a very touching photoshow from my best friend, Danee. She's offering the world a glimpse through DotPhoto of life in Vietnam. I hope you enjoy this offering as much as I did.
Just click on the picture of her son and you'll be jettisoned into a whole new world.


Check out this dotPhoto Show - Dried Shrimp Process

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Circle Singing with Pollyanna

Hi Folks,

Another glorious evening of Circle Singing with Pollyanna. Last night, we had 18 people, with two groups of 4 and two groups of 5. Pollyanna introduced us to a new exercise, singing and vocalizing into our partner's ear. I heard African languages, Native American, Asian and of course English. It was really educational for me. After three rounds of creating music together, we gathered at the piano and Pollyanna accompanied soloists. In the spirit of improvisational singing, Pollyanna played a few bars, choosing the mood of the piece, and the singer joined her, making it up as they go. It was so much fun to experience these happenings. So, if you are into making beautiful sounds, and movements with a great group of folks, ranging from teens to the young elderly, check out www.pollyannabush and come and join us on Wedensday nights at the Fairfax Community Church at 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Testing a New Feature on my Blog

Did you know that emails can be directly posted to a BLOG account?  If you have a black background, make sure that you change the color of the text or it won't be readable.

Busy Bee Day

Hi Folks,

Have you ever seen bees swarm? What an experience! I was standing on my deck, feeding my roses my newest batch of worm juice, made from my vermiculture bin, and I heard this noise. Now, I love bees. As a gardener, I encourage them with their favorite plants - lamb's ears and lavendars- as well as others, including Scabiosa daisies, which bloom like wildfire in June. But, I must say that a swarm of bees is a bit unnerving. So, after I shinnied over the deck rail and through the back gait to get into my house, I went on-line to read about why bees swarm. I learned that they are essentially dividing the hive because it has gotten a bit to small to suit them. They time this event on a sunny day to ensure the most energy to drive their activities of moving the new queen bee to a new hive.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Theo Jansen creates new creatures | Video on

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Check out these new "forms" of life.

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Theo Jansen creates new creatures | Video on*

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Anna Netrebko sings Violetta in La Traviata by Verdi

Hi Folks,

Have you heard of Anna Netrebko? She's my favorite soprano, considered to be the "Peoples Artist of Russia", and I got to hear her live last night as Violetta at the San Francisco Opera! The stage is set in the roaring '20s, with ART DECO flooding the place from floor to ceiling. Anna was AMAZING. I strongly recommend that if you want to feast your eyes on what people are calling the best soprano at this time, go to http://www.sf.opera/ and order your tickets. She'll be signing her CD at the June 26 performance.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Studio!

Hi Folks, My BIGGEST DREAM has come true. On July 1, I'll be moving into a new art studio, as a sublettee, for the whole summer in ICB in Sausalito. If that's not enough... the woman I'll be renting from is a fiber sculpture artist like me. I'll be in a wonderful sky-lit space, with a watercolor artist and a costume designer, with nuno felting as her specialty as neighbors. There is plenty of space where I can paint and not have to worry about making a mess, as the floors are tiled. There are so many amenities that you'll have to come by to see them for yourself. And the best part of all, there's room for workshops. My second biggest dream to inspire others that they can be artists too will soon be realized this summer, starting with an art workshop in my new magazine collage technique. I'll keep you abreast of the workshop schedule.


Elise Cheval "Breaking Free" (Vinyl, chicken eggshells, and velcro)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fwd: ART TALK: Marketing Your Art

Art Works Downtown
ART TALK: Marketing Your Art

AWD Art Talks 2009 Speaker Seriesa free educational series for artists of all disciplines

Marketing Your Art:How to present and sell your art and your talent in today's economic climate
• presented by a panel of experts in writing, music and art
• moderated by Bruce Burtch
Saturday June 27, 10am-12noon
at Art Works Downtown: 1337 Fourth St, San Rafael
for more information:

Black Coral Endangered

Nature Conservancy Magazine, Spring 2009, reports black coral in Equador is endangered.


Skeleton Sculpture

Check out Brian Dettmer's work, a skeleton made out of melted audiocassette tapes, at his website or visit this really strange gallery site:

Happy listening,


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Circle Singing

Hi Folks,

My 2nd time with Pollyanna, doing Circle Singing, was better than the first. Come join us on Wednesday nights at the Fairfax Community Church from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Read more about her at or go to

Happy Singing,


Dancing Skeleton

Hi folks,

Check out this funny video of a skeleton marionette. Type in Dancing Skeleton in the search bar.

Have a nice day.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm in Geekland

Hi Folks,

Well, this Blog thing is really interesting. I went to the library to get information to help me design my blogspot. I found a few good references. Blog Design Solution, by a list of authors, Andy Budd, Simon Collison, et al., true nerds, geeks, 20-somethings who are now 30-somethings tell all. Check it out and learn how to go blogging.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

2nd day of blogging

Just back from walking around the lake with my new furry pal named Marly. He's a beautiful Golden Retriever that loves to run! Unfortunately, I couldn't take him off the leash. The site of the lake at Lake Lagunitas was too much for him. His enthusiasm reminded me of my own dog named Sam I had years ago.

Have you heard of Circle Singing? I had my first trial of it last night in Fairfax with Polyanna. I got to make up a song, called "She's got a bird... and he wants to be heard." Today, is my cockatiel named Koko's birthday. He's 11 years old.

I'm crocheting like mad on my project called "Sonic C-Scape". Read more as the pieces loop off my hook!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Getting started

Just in. How am I doing with this new BLOG thing?