Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Special Treat -- TWEET, TWEET

Hi All,

I just had to put this on my blog. If you are having a case of the doldrums, this video will shake away the blues.



Geneviève Dubuisson on Art Slant

Hi Folks,

I'm on Art Slant, the #1 Contemporary Art Network, under my new name, Geneviève Dubuisson. I am so happy to let you know that I've turned a new leaf, moved to a new vibration in my life. Soon, you will be hearing about my newest interest, Art Activism, where I'm making a statement about MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staph Aureus, the "Superbug" that we hear more and more about in the daily news. As of September 12, 2009, MRSA has been found on public beaches in the Puget Sound area in Washington State. With the help of many of you donating hundreds of tapes, I found my voice through the voice of many. Now I'm using my embroidery skills to bring awareness to a multitude of social problems. Stay tuned for my new project, "Making the Invisible Visible".


Fwd: 2400 Bloggers Want Your Help

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Hey Blog Action Day Alums,

Last week we announced the topic for Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change. Over
the past six days more than 2400 bloggers from 104 countries have registered to
participate by writing a post about climate change on October 15.

To those of you who have not yet registered, I'm writing to deliver a message:
2400 bloggers want to you join them and help create the biggest social change event
ever on the Web.

It's easy. Just follow this link to register:

We already have 11 of the world's top 100 blogs registered, including Mashable,
The Official Google Blog, Global Voices, Daily Blog Tips, and The Unofficial Apple
Weblog (TUAW).

But we need your help. We need you to register and help spread the word.

Once you've signed up you can download badges from our site, get ideas about how to
connect your interests to climate change, and follow us on Twitter for all the
latest updates.

Climate change is the most urgent threat we face and on October 15 you can help
confront the issue and show the world that we care about finding lasting solutions.

Now is the time to make our voices heard.

Join in.

Robin Beck
Lead Organizer
Blog Action Day 09: Climate Change

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sacred Name -- Genevieve

Hi Folks,

Last Saturday morning, I went to Song and Spirit Center. During a sound journey/meditation, I received my sacred name, Genevieve. I researched the name and learned that I am in good company. Genevieve was born (419-422) in Paris, my birthplace. She worked with prisoners and after her prayers were said to divert Attila the Hun away from Paris, she was canonized in 500, two years before her death, as the Patron Sainte of Paris. Read more about her on Wikipedia,

Without further ado, I have decided to change my name to Genevieve.

You can check out my artwork on ArtSlant at


Art Slant -- Judith Selby Lang

Hi Folks,

Check out this ladie's artworks,
and see what she's doing with the jetsam found on the beach in Point Reyes.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Solvy with Elise at Bluebird Yarn and Fiber Craft

Solvy with Elise: In the Spirit of the Green Revolution, come and learn about Solvy, a water-soluble stabilizer, where you transform your leftover pieces of fabric, thread, yarn and anything you can sew through into a work of art. Sewing machine experience is necessary but machines will be provided. We’ll be making a bowl or cloche while experimenting with this fiber craft medium.

Cost: $55 for 2 classes

Sunday: October 18 & 25 11-1 at Bluebird Yarn and Fiber Craft in Sausalito,

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Solvy Bowl

Hi Folks,
Here's a picture of my thread-lace bowls made with various recycled fabrics, yarns and threads.

This is a test to upload a photo to my blog.


"Breaking Out" mentioned in the Marin IJ

Hi Folks,

I'm happy to report that my wearable art, "Breaking Out", made with vinyl, velcro and eggshells was mentioned today in the Marin IJ Newspaper by the Unknown Museum's former curator, Mickey McGowan. A member of the art group I belong to, PleXus, , Roni Mentzer was mentioned for her "fetching" wedding dress made out of plastic SF Chronicle newspaper bags called "From the Doormat to the Threshold". Go to and read the article in it's entirety. In addition, two other members, Susan Doyle and Juline Beier have pieces in this juried show at the O'Hanlon Art Center through September 30, in Mill Valley.