Monday, February 15, 2010

Slippery When Wet

It's been one month since my last BLOG posting. Classes at COM have kept me busy painting in Chester Arnold's classes at Indian Valley Campus in Novato. I've been exploring various materials and techniques, including silverpoint pen on a ground of rabbit-skin glue and marble dust on clayboard, as well as Paleolithic painting with casein binders and powdered earth-colored pigments on stone. Contemporary Art History with Vikram has opened my world to Conceptual Art and a new appreciation for DuChamps and artists who followed his lead.

I've resumed my subversive knitting and crochet project with videotape in Carol Beadle's Fiber Art Sculpture class. Stay tuned for my piece, "Heart of Glass", knitted from videotape.

My new 365 day project of exploring letters for two weeks, for a total of 52 weeks, is going well. Today, I start the letter "D", having just completed two weeks of the letter "C". Words - "creativity", "collage" and "casein" - have been "coloring" my days since the Spring semester started on January 23rd. The piece above called "Slippery When Wet", is a "culmination" of my travels thus far with Adobe Photoshop and my recent trip to San Francisco to see the "Seduction of DuChamps" Show at ArtZone 461, on 461 Valencia Street and 16th Street with my husband Georg.

Stay tuned for my new art project, a felted and embroidered wearable art on a "canvas" of an original one-size-fits-all 100% Icelandic lamb's wool garment donated by my friend Karin Mortensen. "Heart-to-HeART", complete with live interviews of what the heart means to you, was inspired by the "SweetheARTs" Show at COM, where my piece" SweetheARTs" created from my wedding picture taken on the beach in Maui and TypeDrawing, was on display until today.


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