Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monoprint Making at OHCA

There is so much you can do with monoprints. Send your loved one a card, use it for a flyer to advertise workshops, or simply frame it and hang it on your wall. The stories embedded in the spontaneous happenstance are rich and wonderful.

I love the soft effect when I added water to the plexiglass "pallet". I have to remember that everything prints backwards and need to learn how to "mirror-write", in order to get the type in the correct orientation.

Inspired by Paul Klee and Ann O'Hanlon's students, I'm working diligently in the shared studio space at OHCA on my monoprints. Yesterday, I discovered a "new" technique using ink and rubbing alcohol. Check out the "halo" effect around the horse in this monoprint.


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