Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Camargue Fantasy

It's been 6 months since I painted for the first time on my iPhone. I stopped after 3 weeks because I noticed the potentially deleterious effects to my eyes from looking at the screen and my hands and arms hurting from working on the itty bitty keyboard. I had a shock when I printed out my creations on my printer and they were grainy looking. A trip to a professional resulted in no better quality than my home printer. I found out from the clerk at Marin Photo that this is the problem with computer art! The quality is dependent on the initial resolution of the picture. iPhone apps are lacking in resolution. So, that being said, I left my goal of making a "painting-a-day" and took an oil painting class with Chester Arnold at IVC. But, as quandaries go, I love the paintings I make on my iPhone, so I decided to revisit the technology to see how I can take advantage of the App painting program called Brushes. With another Apps program called Mega Draw, I can create my own E greeting cards from my own oil paintings!

As things go, a little time for ideas in the incubator is sometimes all you need to inspire you to the next level of your art. Take the time to listen to your little/big Voice within and honor what it's telling you. All is not lost when things don't work out as you initially hoped they might. Come back and revisit what you've learned in a knew configuration and see what "shakes" out. Check out Mega Draw, and see how easily your "mistakes" are a thing of the past with a simple shake of your device.

Happy drawing and painting!


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