Friday, May 6, 2011

Black Trash coming soon!

Today I happened upon a close-out sale at Ben Franklins Craft Store in Novato. Last week, I designed a new Haute Trash, using long zippers down the sides, front and back of the body suit just for fun! I picked up five 100 cm black zippers, typically used in sleeping bags, but they will look tres chic in my new body suit made out of sewn and fused Husky trash bags. Given that my last garment, made from a vinyl banner printed with words and motifs related to coffee, is called Wake UP Call, and that this new garment is distantly related to sleep, I ponder on the meaning of my body suit. I wonder if the wearer will wake up to the drastic and fantastic nature of plastic when she walks down the runway sweltering on the hottest day of the year?


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