Saturday, January 28, 2012

COV Performance at Metro Opera House in Oakland, Cheshire Rock Opera

                                                    Metro Opera House, Elise and Therese, 2012

Last night, my new all-women’s choir, COV, performed at the Metro Opera House in Oakland.  All of us wore a costume related to Alice in Wonderland.  The sopranos were the “spades” and my choir director, Joyce McBride, let some of us come dressed as a special character.  My costume made out of satin for Halloween was perfect for the Red Queen.   I researched it and found that she wears blue eye shadow and a red heart on her lips.  So, when I was putting on makeup, I looked for some red lipstick, but I didn’t have any so I used Crimson nail polish instead.   Since I didn’t have red hair, I whipped up the hat, using one of my furry winter hats and leftover fabric scraps from making my dress.  My husband, dressed as a pirate in the costume I made for him, took these pictures of my new friends and me.  The lights gave them a strange glow!

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