Monday, September 5, 2011

Things are Movin' Right Along

My Landmark Forum in Action Seminar series started last Wednesday. I volunteered to be Group Leader, not knowing what was instore for me. That was a HUGE breakthrough! In the past, I would want to step up to my fear, but then would shrink away into oblivion, watching somebody else have the opportunity to make something new happen. My commitment to myself and the members of our Group called "The A Team", is to have a productive and supportive experience for the next 3.5 months. Phew! I can only imagine the places we will go between now and December 7. On December 8, I will celebrate my Graduation and my 52nd birthday! Last year, on December 7, I had my first solo art show at O'Hanlon Center For the Arts in Mill Valley.

I am becoming a Landmark "junkie", as I am signed up for the Advanced Training, on September 30 to October 4. We will start at 10 am and go until midnight for 3 days, then have Monday off, and back for Graduation on Tuesday night from 7-10 pm! I hope you can join us!!!

Michael from Landmark called to ask me to volunteer for the Assistance Program. I will be part of a Production Team that supports the seminar series, "Living Passionately", starting October 10 and ending on Elvis' birthday on January 16.

I look forward to a very exciting and powerful New Year in 2012.


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