Monday, April 1, 2013

"GARB-age" at Union Bank and Corporate Headquarters in San Francisco

Alexandra Lee Cefalo of ALC Designs curated my first solo show in San Francisco.  Union Bank Corporate Headquarters at 400 California Street, is the perfect location for a variety of artworks, including "Walking on Eggshells", a wearable shell dress made out of eggshells, vinyl and Velcro; "Sonic Spill" made out of many free-form crocheted and knitted audiocassette tape; and "Trashionista", an Elvis jumpsuit made out of white glad trash bags created with custom appliques made with thousands of yards of machine embroidery thread.  

Project GREEN Runway Collection, plastic bags and bubblewrap, 2012
"Sonic Spill", audiocassette tape, 2013

"Walking on Eggshells", eggshells, vinyl and Velcro, 2008

Trashionista, heat-fused Glad trash bags, 2011 (photo by Eduardo)

Trashionista, heat-fused Glad trash bags, 2011 (photo by Eduardo)

Upon seeing the beautiful large plate glass windows, with abundant South light, I created my new body of work for the show.  The new fabric was inspired by my investigation of mixed media in Petri dishes.  "Water", a non-wearable kimono, has folks all a-buzz in the heart of the Financial District, just a few blocks from the iconic Trans America Building. 

"Water", mixed media, 2013

The Project GREEN Runway collection grew for this show, with new historical pieces, of an ensemble called, "Gone With the Wind", featuring an 1865 styled dress and suit inspired by Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler, respectively.  Both are made out of green plastic SF Chronicle newspaper bags and bright blue plastic New York Times bags.   

Scarlett O'Hara, plastic bags, 2013


Gone With the Wind, plastic bags, 2013
Rhett Butler, plastic bags, 2013

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend and Bubblelicious, bubblewrap, 2011

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