Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy Bee Day

Hi Folks,

Have you ever seen bees swarm? What an experience! I was standing on my deck, feeding my roses my newest batch of worm juice, made from my vermiculture bin, and I heard this noise. Now, I love bees. As a gardener, I encourage them with their favorite plants - lamb's ears and lavendars- as well as others, including Scabiosa daisies, which bloom like wildfire in June. But, I must say that a swarm of bees is a bit unnerving. So, after I shinnied over the deck rail and through the back gait to get into my house, I went on-line to read about why bees swarm. I learned that they are essentially dividing the hive because it has gotten a bit to small to suit them. They time this event on a sunny day to ensure the most energy to drive their activities of moving the new queen bee to a new hive.


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