Saturday, June 27, 2009

Whale Music by Pierre Lavagne

Things with my ocean conservation project are developing very fast. Two weeks ago, I woke up Saturday morning dreaming about my new artpiece called "Whale Song". I went to check out my new art studio in Sausalito and then I "happened" to walk into West Marine Supply, situated in the same building to buy a blue ring for my art project. Over a pair of sunglasses, I met a woman named Helen who subsequently asked me what I was going to do with my blue ring. When I told her about my piece called "Whale Song", she told me about Pierre Lavagne's work with whales. Using "shelltones", he apparently creates music and then plays it back to the whales! Only in Marin. Well, unfortunately, I was enjoying a bit of unearthly music myself at the SF Opera, so I missed his presentation at the Farallonne Islands on June 21, during the summer solstice, but it's never too late. Come and join us in Fairfax at the Circle Center, or in Larkspur at Earthly Treasures, where you can be part of the show, creating your own sounds with an instrument of your choice. I plan to sing and play my native American flute, for a concert out of this world. Now, easier than ever, check out Pierre's blog, directly from my blogsite.


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