Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Studio!

Hi Folks, My BIGGEST DREAM has come true. On July 1, I'll be moving into a new art studio, as a sublettee, for the whole summer in ICB in Sausalito. If that's not enough... the woman I'll be renting from is a fiber sculpture artist like me. I'll be in a wonderful sky-lit space, with a watercolor artist and a costume designer, with nuno felting as her specialty as neighbors. There is plenty of space where I can paint and not have to worry about making a mess, as the floors are tiled. There are so many amenities that you'll have to come by to see them for yourself. And the best part of all, there's room for workshops. My second biggest dream to inspire others that they can be artists too will soon be realized this summer, starting with an art workshop in my new magazine collage technique. I'll keep you abreast of the workshop schedule.


Elise Cheval "Breaking Free" (Vinyl, chicken eggshells, and velcro)

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