Saturday, July 18, 2009

Singing with Whales

Hi Folks,

I made my way to Earthly Treasures in Larkspur,, a second time, to see and hear Pierre before he leaves for France next week. He had more other-worldly Shelltones to share with a handful of us. What an instrument! It sounds just like whales. The music was magical, and of course I was delighted for an opportunity to play one. My heart burst open, with vibrations like I have never experienced before. Then, I sang improvisationally for the group, telling the story of the first time I heard about Pierre Lavagne.

Read all about Pierre Lavagne's project, and his movie coming in 2010 at

If you would like to hear the instrument played live, please join us at the place where sound and spirit meet in Novato, where Jan Cercone will be hosting a gathering of like-minded souls, on 31 Commercial Blvd. today, July 18 at 1:00 PM. Read more about Jan's work at If you can't make it today, with such short notice, go on-line to You-tube, type in "Shelltone", and listen to music created by other folks who own one of these instruments. In future, I will be playing the instrument myself and posting on my blog.



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