Sunday, July 5, 2009

Whale Music Visit

Hi Folks,

I made it to Pierre's whale music get together at Earthly Treasures in Larkspur on Friday and wanted to share some of the highlights with you. On a movie screen, Pierre showed footage of humpback whales in Hawaii, singing and dancing, while members played and sang their instruments. Pierre played his Shelltone, an instrument he created over a two year period that produces tones similar to whales. Go to for more information on this man and his important work with cetaceans. Naturally, interesting people are drawn to a such a magical sharing. I had the opportunity to meet and be in the Presence of Timothy Morgan, who sings out-of-this world, in a way that I had never encountered before. For a glimpse of this man's gift to the world, go to and hear and see what he is all about. If you would like to experience this, come to Earthly Treasures July 17, when Pierre returns from working on a movie about his work that will be shown on TV in 2010. There is hope for the future and we can all make a difference.


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