Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New External Communications Board Member at NCWCA

I am bubbling with excitement to share with you that the space capsule I'm in has separated from the power boosters that got me to the "moon" I was headed for 6 weeks ago.   It was a difficult journey, with various obstacles along the way,  but I stayed with it and now I am in a new orbit.   The VIEW is magnificent!   

As the new External Communications Board Member for the Northern California Women's Caucus for the Art (,  I will be heading up our social media networking program through various Cyber sites, including Facebook and Twitter; keeping Members abreast of venues where they can show their artwork; eventually writing the Newsletter, and working intimately with the Professional Development Chair and President Chair, both who welcomed my ideas on how to grow Membership.   If you can imagine what it feels like for a Go-Getter like me who has always wanted to contribute in such a fashion, but never having the "credentials" to do the BIG things that I have always espoused to do -  well, then you will understand my elatedness with such an opportunity as this one to serve an organization, 85 Members strong.

Our Board Meeting is in July, in St. Louis, where my sister Tamra lives, 15 minutes away from the hotel where I will be staying.

For those of you who are interested in social media networking and its relationship to artists, check out Priscilla Otani's (our new National WCA President), husband Michael Yokum's talk tomorrow at ARC Gallery, 7 pm, (on Folsom and in between 9th and 10th street).  


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