Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Artwork submitted to Surface/Tension: h2o Show

"Equisetum hyemale", monprint, ink on YUPO paper, 22" x 28"
"Ripple 1", monoprint, ink on YUPO paper, 12" x 18"

"Ripple 2", monoprint, ink on YUPO paper, 18" x 12"

I submitted these monoprints to the Surface/Tension: h2o Show at ICB, juried by Donna Seagar, which will be hanging at ICB through June.

(I first discovered YUPO paper when I created my artbook, "Return to Oz", which was shown last month in the "Elements" Show at OHCA.) YUPO "paper" is plastic that performs like Hot Press watercolor paper. Water-based printing ink travels on the surface of YUPO paper and yields many different effects, including "phases" of water that register like "steam", "mist" and "ripples". YUPO is the perfect support for wet and dry media as seen in my artbook.

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