Monday, May 31, 2010

Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade

Balloons, Banners and Flags - OH, MY! On my way to my painting studio today, I happened upon some heavy traffic in Mill Valley. Hoards of people were waiting along the road for the Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade to commence. Instead of going to my studio to paint, I parked the car, walked down to the main hub and took a lot of pictures of people and their dogs, floats and cars and trucks decorated with balloons. In preparation for the Life Painting class next semester, I am really getting excited about photographing crowds of people. My teacher, Chester Arnold, shared his technique for painting crowds of people, using a presscloth to transfer his finger impressions, which beautifully serves as the heads of people, onto the canvas. He likes to paint prisoners with various perspectives. Today, I discovered that I love parades! People are great when they are doing something for others! I want to express that aspect of humanity on my canvas. Life is good.


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