Friday, May 21, 2010

Quilt Transformed into Community Art Project - "The Wishing Wall"

The quilt took a whole new turn on Friday morning, the day of "Whitsun", when the Holy Spirit comes to the Earth! After I heard the little voice in my head say, " you are creating "The Wishing Wall", I ran into my foyer and stripped the pieces from the wall. I found a basket to hold them, gathered up all of the pushpins I could find and quickly typed up the Score sheet seen above. At school, I pinned the "seed" origami piece with the Score sheet and the monoprint that resulted from my exploration of monoprinting called "Ripples 2" to the wall. During the critique in my Fiber Art Sculpture Class, one student exclaimed, "I don't know if I'm looking at the ground or the sky." In the Land of Metaphor, monoprints folded into simple origami forms do resemble a field of "flowers" or a sky full of "stars." Another student said that she could see this as a large public installation project. Now, I am folding monoprints like crazy for a Community Project at the Falkirk Center for the Arts during the Re: Valued show in June - August, 2011.
Thank you Cayan Robertson for showing me how to create the conditions that encourage people to participate in artmaking.

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  1. An origami wishing wall -- very cool idea! I can imagine the energy created and shared by those participating, as they "fold" their own meanings into the large wall piece. It's alive, and growing.
    It's not graffiti, it's not a quilt, but it is both, transformed.

    Wouldn't this be fun to do with kids!?!?!