Saturday, May 15, 2010

Personal Creativity Workshop at O'Hanlon Center for the Arts

Day 2

Today, Cayan started us with photos again. She asked us to pair two photos together and paint a piece of paper of the same dimensions with a color that connected the two. I noticed that the "black and white" pictures had a green cast and used chalk pastels, luscious ones from France, to create a red earth/greyed green one. In our second exercise, we were asked to pair two photos together and to color two pieces of paper to integrate them. I chose photos of ducks on a lake and marble. I colored one piece of paper with aqua tones and the other with the same blue and green pastels with a black overlay to pick up the light and dark tones of the spectrum of gray green photos.

For my main project, I rummaged through the paper and art materials and settled on a piece of rust-colored cardstock and off-white carpet backing. Before I "happened" to pick the first National Geographic Magazine and turn to the page on "Life on the Edge" and the story of the polar bears that are moving quickly towards extinction due to global warming, I wondered if the carpet backing materials would be a good surface for the chalk pastels. I'll let you be the judge for yourself!

On my way home from Mill Valley, I stopped by the Mill Valley Art Store, which is going out of business, and picked up wax and damar resin crystals for doing encaustics this summer. Ooh, it's going to be a hot one this year!

I also got a great deal on the water-soluble oil paints by Windsor & Newton at 35% off. And a wonderful ceramic pallet to do egg tempera paintings with. Plus, I picked up 10 books of fingerpainting paper which will be perfect for monoprinting!!!

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