Thursday, July 15, 2010

6th Annual Fall Juried Art Show at MOCA

Just got an email from Karin about the MOCA Show, "Speaking in Solitude", which is accepting CAFE until July 31. This the same deadline for the OHCA Show, "Bay Area Women's Artists", and The LAB's show, "Art:Tech", featuring Biotech. So, I'll be pretty busy making art for the next 2 weeks and meeting these deadlines. Timing is an interesting concept. I've been working on my knitted and crocheted cassette tape for a year and three months now. It's initial appeal as an interesting linear material lead to my recognition of how much it looks like "oil", right down to the sheen of multiple colors in the very drab pallet of browns and black tape. Today, while at AWD painting with the girls, I saw an article in the Economist about the BP oil spill in the Gulf. The article had several pictures of the animals effected - turtles, pelicans, dolphins - slathered with the mucky reddish brown oil from an oil source more than 4 miles from the surface of the ocean. The magnamity of the problem is daunting to me. When I think of the title, "Speaking of Solitude", I wonder what they are saying. The turtles are 461 less than they were before the explosion in April. Today they reported in the Chronicle that the primary food of sea turtles, a soft pinkish colored "worm" has been severely affected by the oil. My conceptual brain is on a fast track to giving them a voice, through the permanently silenced audiotape. So stay tuned as the parts come together and tell the story of America's worst oil spill in history.

As for the "Bay Area Women's Artist's Show", stay tuned for more eggshelled vinyl and Velcro.

Then, the Art:Tech show, featuring Biotech, will be my best sculptural success of all, with a white "cleanroom" suit stenciled with the bright orange biohazard symbol, called "The Empty Rite", as a play on satanic worship and the ethereal nature of the dangers of infectious agents.

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