Sunday, July 4, 2010

Portraiture, Contemporary Art Style

A whirlwind of activity grabbed me yesterday, after I broke my new eggshelled glass portrait of Georg and Koko. I simply had to have an entry for the O'Hanlon show, so when I woke up I was thinking a lot about what to work on. Then, a flash of insight - a self portrait made with the audiocassette tapes I've collected for a year for my Sea Odyssey: 2012 project would be just the ticket. I just love how the tape looks like hair or seaweed. Plus, all of the little pieces that make up a cassette tape, including the little piece of flat copper with a small square of felt which functions beautifully as "eye lashes" and the silver plate works great as the glint in the eye. Now, "Free Reelin'" has manifested, complete with all of the crocheted audiocassette tape that I made over the past year, which is the perfect size on a 12" x 24" board painted with acrylic. Imagine my joy when the little happenstance of the red leader appeared as I unwound the tape, and it became the perfect dangly "earring" when left attached to the cassette wheel. The little inner wheels serve well as "teeth" and "pupils". I'll know on Monday if my piece gets into the show. See you at OHCA on Tues for Roundtable and Opening Reception.

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