Thursday, July 15, 2010

N for "Neo Megilp"

When I was talking to Karin about my "Every 2 Week Word Project", I told her I needed a new word. I told her I was playing with "new", but I wanted something a little jazzier that had to do with art. She asked, "What about something neo?" in fact, I was thinking of Neo Megilp, as I take an interest in oil painting. Neo Megilp is a Gamblin medium for reducing viscosity of oil paint and giving that "Turner-like" atmosphere to a painting. As it turns out, Chester was very generous and gave me a small bottle of it to try out this summer. My first exploration with it happens tomorrow on Karin's boat in Sausalito. I'll be deep in thought, considering the plight of the creatures in the Gulf as I attempt to capture the wonders of my second day Plein Air painting.

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