Thursday, July 15, 2010

Plein Air Painting

AAH, Life is good. My friend CiCi called and invited me to paint with her at the Marin Headlands, near the Marine Mammal Center. I had so much fun painting with acrylics, but they dried so fast that it was really a challenge to "go with the flow". CiCi was using the Gorilla Painter system, including the wooden box/easel and tripod with her oil paints. When I showed interest in buying one myself, she quipped, "Why don't you go over to Utrecht in Berkeley and see if they have a 30% coupon." I put it in my mind, thinking I would first check on line with Gorilla Painter Company. After 3 or so hours, we packed up the cars and drove home, passing by the Presidio Riding Club, where I had CiCi take some pictures of me standing in front of the "Horse Crossing" sign that was hard to pass up, for my website. Now, the picture of me is posted along with a new page, "Comments", for you to leave your feedback, etc... Imagine what I was thinking when I got home and found a catalogue from Utrecht, which I did not sign up for, announcing their Summer Sale and offering a 30% off coupon! I opened the catalogue and sure enough, the Gorilla Painter system was on sale! So, this morning, I headed over to Berkeley first thing, where I picked up my very own Plein Air system, which I'll be using a lot in the coming days, since another dream of mine is to paint horses "live"!

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