Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Call For Entries for July and August at OHCA

Georg, Eggshell Mosaic on Glass, 4" x 6"

The O'Hanlon Center for the Arts is having two more shows! In July, look for their exhibit, called "You, Me, Us, Them: Exploring Contemporary Portraiture, juried by Irene Belknap. Then, in August, Donna Seagar returns to jury the "Bay Area Women's Artist's" show. For the prospectus, go to http://www.ohanloncenter.org/. For the portraiture show, I will submit my eggshell mosaics piece called "Georg", named after my husband. Then, in August, I'll be high-stepping and walking on eggshells, in matching shoes, hat and clutch to go with my eggshelled vinyl and velcro dress that will be on view at the Marin County Fair until July 5.

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