Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trash into Treasure

Indian Pony, acrylic on clayboard, 8" x 10"

Today, while at Art Works Downtown, I happily discovered in the trash three canvases that the artist tossed even before the painting had hardly begun. Given the nature of the economic/world situation, I quickly retrieved the "orphans" and made them my own. One "Clay Board", costs $12.95 at an art store, and my heart was breaking as I saw it unloved and unused to its full potential. So, I now have painted my beloved equus with my newest discovered "metallic" paint in gold and purples. The other two canvases, one on gessoed board, and the other a traditional fabric canvas, have been turned into a beautiful diptych of an abstracted version of "Neptune's Horses", and a more realistic looking dappled grey, my all time favorite "winter" colored horses commonly seen in Rockwell paintings. It's hard to believe that the paintings (photos to follow), started out as "trash".

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