Friday, June 25, 2010

More Eggshelling on glass

At 5:37 in the morning, I can hear the crows cawing for their breakfast - peanuts my husband throws out for them. Now that the hustle and bustle of summer opera has come to a rip roaring finish and I'm almost over my summer flu bug, I'm gearing up to finish my next big project. On July 2 and 3, submissions for the upcoming show, You, Me, Us and Them: Contemporary Portaiture, at OHCA, is due. In addition to submitting my first eggshelled portrait of my husband Georg, who spells his name without an "e", I am eggshelling a photo of him and my pet cockatiel Koko, who celebrated his 11th birthday on June 4. Where does the time go? If the number 11 does symbolize relationships, then this picture I took as a series of 75 shots says it all. What does it say? Koko loves to snuggle.

There I go digressing again.

I learned how to program in HTML. It really is a feat especially since I told myself for the life of the Internet that all that gobbeldygook was "too hard" and consequently never developed my website. Now that's a story in itself and you get the gist of its magnitude when you go on-line to research how to build a website. It must be pretty daunting for folks to look at a blank page because the number of templates now available are amazing. Everything from personal to professional sites - it seems there are no limits to what you can do with HTML. But, as technology clicks along, HTML is soon becoming a dinosaur of the past. Website development just got easier with Flash, a code based on vector graphics, which will make my website move like the wind, with full animation of my galloping, frolicking horses.

Speaking of horses - I'm painting up a storm these days with acrylic. Given my utter disdain for the synthetic muk that is polluting Mother Earth, I never knew how wonderful acrylic paint can be. I have discovered a media that gives me complete control of my painting process. I recentlty discovered the beauty of multiple overlays possible through adding the media to quick drying mediums. Now, I can paint multiple layers of paint in lickety split. I'm also being conscientious of proper disposal of my waste rinse waters and am collecting them in separate containers for future runs to the hazardous chemical disposal plant. I'm also collecting my rags, Handiwipes and paper towels now "decorated" with the vibrant colors from my painting sessions, for who knows what? Future fiber art projects integrated with my dryer lint and felt projects. The sky is the limit in the world of pure creativity and material girl bliss.

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