Saturday, June 12, 2010

One Day Down and One More to Go

What a TRIP! I arrived at 10:00 AM to the Street Painting Festival, and right away encountered some lovely children resting their hands in my square! Cute little orange fingerprints don't work well with a heavenly blue background, unless of course you think "complementary" colors. No worry. I showed the little kids my painting and said, "See my picture - no orange!" Their mother was accomodating. My next door neighbor on my other side is a lovely girl from Indonesia named April, and paints like a genius for her first time in the Festival. I had no clue how to approach my picture, so I just went for it, filling in the background and working the whole painting at once. NOT a good idea though because I ended up stepping on areas that were previously worked. But, I am having fun, staying hydrated and learning a lot from the Master's at the Festival. One thing for sure that helps is to start with a good image that is "realistic" with a lot of shading. My painting defintely is "mooshier", and I approached the pastel painting in this fashion. Next year, I'll have a different approach. I love working with the pastels, and they aren't nearly as dirty as I anticipated. Well, tomorrow, I'll get an early start and beat the heat as much as possible. Tonight, I'll sleep like a baby.


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