Saturday, June 12, 2010

"In the Dust" in San Rafael

Well folks,

The day has arrived! I've been working hard to prepare myself for what I expect will be a fun, but very challenging day, sitting on asphalt and "painting" with pastels. I've decided to reproduce my beloved painting "Camargue Dream", 2010, after a photo called "Galloping Horses" I saw on the internet. I prepared my grid and placed it in a protective plastic sleeve because by the end of the day, I can image that it will be pretty dirty. I designed some lovely business cards with a cropped version of my painting, "Camargue Dream", in hopes that I'll get a commission or two to paint equine portraiture. I've packed my cooler with plenty of water and a healthy lunch. My art basket is full of supplies including extra large Sennelier pastels, which I picked up at the Mill Valley Art Store going-out-of-business-sale, bristle brushes, paper towels, gloves for smudging and blending chalks, Handiwipes to clean my hands, a large-brimmed sunhat and UV ray-buster sunscreen, and plenty of layers of clothing for conditions that can quickly change from egg-beater hot to "Old Man of the North" chills in the hills of San Rafael. Music will be provided by my friend Adrian Quince, so I'll leave my earphones at home. I'll have my 5 megapixel camera ready to capture the happy moments through the day. More tomorrow.

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