Thursday, June 3, 2010

One Year Anniversary Blogging

My Little Mermaid

Say, "Hello" to Shannon

Glass Art By Shannon Seek

Well Folks,

I'm getting a lot of comments through my email about the picture I took of the sky yesterday. I have to tell you that I didn't "take" the picture. I actually just pointed the camera over my shoulder in the direction of Mt. Tam, and clicked the shutter button. Look at the composition of the image. Just a little off-center. Catch the little hexagon shape in the lower right corner? Probably due to refraction of the sun from the magnificent skies we've had in this fantastic watery El Nino year. At any rate, it's a great expression of the Wabi-Sabi I learned about on Tuesday night. The best of that moment though was when I LOOKED at the picture. What an EXPERIENCE that was.

I guess you are thinking by NOW that it couldn't possibly get any better than this. Right? Well, it just got BETTER. As you know, I made a comittment this summer to build a 20 foot long tentacled octopus out of bubblewrap for the opera. NOW, the perfect stage/movie set for HER creation has manifested through Spirit. In the time of St. John, where the St. John'swort, will be blooming soon and ushering in the longest day of the year, my new friend Shannon Seek has offered her empty/FULL house to build the octopus and film a movie. To work through her troubles, she has covered the walls and floors with graffiti - images, words, spirals, symbols of love and joy - and painted the windows with gorgeous glass art while dancing her story. Imagine the octopus's tentacles feeding through the portal of the wall, of your soul! Filling the space, traveling through the rooms...


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